Discover hidden threats in your network.

Steely's patent-pending SATCOM Overwatch isn't just a product; it's a promise. A commitment to safeguarding your satellite communication.

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Everything you need to monitor your network.

Seamlessly integrate SATCOM Overwatch into your existing infrastructure.


Harness the power of passive analysis techniques combined with proprietary heuristics to make sense of terminal data.

Your network's digital watchdog.

A vigilant guardian that ensures network resiliency and integrity.

External Event Feeds

More than just internal metrics; context matters.

Integrate external feeds, such as weather data, to enhance the accuracy of network "confidence scores."

VSAT Network Modeling

Understand the geographical implications of your network's security.

Evaluate crucial location data, offering risk scores for both individual nodes and the entire network.


When every second counts, SATCOM Overwatch has your back.

Automated alerts with mitigation guidance, enabling operators to quickly respond to threats.

The New Wave of VSAT Threats

New, advanced intrusions have led to a gap in VSAT cybersecurity that needs to be addressed urgently.

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Frequently asked questions

Built on the bedrock of our deep VSAT expertise, you can navigate the future with confidence.

    • What exactly is SATCOM Overwatch?

      SATCOM Overwatch is a state-of-the-art solution designed to ensure the security and integrity of satellite communication networks. It offers proactive monitoring, analysis, and countermeasures against potential threats to your satellite network.

    • How does Terminal Fingerprinting work?

      SATCOM Overwatch periodically polls each modem to create a unique fingerprint based on the device's characteristics. If a modem deviates from its fingerprint, it's flagged for additional checks to ensure its authenticity.

    • Is it challenging to integrate SATCOM Overwatch into my existing infrastructure?

      Not at all. SATCOM Overwatch uses passive analysis techniques, requiring no changes to your current infrastructure. It seamlessly analyzes terminal data from your network sources, offering real-time anomaly detection.

    • Can SATCOM Overwatch detect threats moving laterally across the network?

      Yes. SATCOM Overwatch is equipped with a Network Anomaly Detection feature that evaluates new traffic patterns against historical data to identify potential abnormalities or threats.

    • How does SATCOM Overwatch incorporate external feeds?

      The system has a flexible mechanism allowing integration of external feeds, like weather information, to improve the accuracy of the network's 'confidence score'. This ensures a holistic understanding of network conditions.

    • What happens when a threat is detected?

      SATCOM Overwatch can initiate automatic countermeasures to isolate suspicious devices, giving network operators ample time for a thorough investigation and ensuring minimal disruptions.

    • How does SATCOM Overwatch assess geographical risks to my network?

      SATCOM Overwatch evaluates crucial location data such as satellite footprints and hub & modem locations. It provides a risk score for individual nodes as well as the entire network, helping you pinpoint potential vulnerabilities.

    • Is regular maintenance required for SATCOM Overwatch?

      While regular updates are recommended to ensure optimal performance, SATCOM Overwatch is designed to run seamlessly in the background, requiring minimal manual interventions.

    • Can I get a demo of SATCOM Overwatch?

      Certainly. You can reach out to our sales team, and they will assist you in setting up a demo to experience SATCOM Overwatch's capabilities firsthand.